Elizabeth Aguilar
02:45 22 Aug 20
I have gotten my hair cut twice now by sandy and every single time I have left so happy! My hair is super thick and never have I felt like I couldn’t trust her with it! Both have been extreme cuts one a bob and recently a pixie.. and sandy has left me speechless.. everyone at the salon is super nice and welcoming.. i will definitely be back and recommending!
Jennifer Fleming
05:07 07 Aug 20
This place is the best hair salon I have ever been to. When I first came to Sam & Bill’s my hair was a literal disaster, but the stylist Jessica worked hard to fix it. She gave me tips on how to help make my hair healthy again, while also through some miracle work fixing the disastrous hair color that I came in with. I continued making appointments with Jessica, and every time I came in she would outdo herself to make the coloring job look better than it had beforehand. In addition, the salon is very reasonably priced. I am moving out of the Raleigh area and I will be blessed if I can find a stylist as talented as Jessica in my new location.
LAP465 lap465
16:12 25 Jul 20
Nobody does Hair like Sam and Bills. Sandy Brown is the best Colorist ever!!! I’ve been going to them for 10 years and I won’t go anywhere else...
Robin Archer
19:03 26 Jun 20
The people are friendly, it is clean and sanitzed, andservice is excellent!
Thomas Felling
20:22 06 Jun 20
Paula Stein
17:54 04 Jun 20
Victoria Tlsty
19:18 03 Jun 20
Kari is amazing! I have been going to see her for 3 years now, and she never fails to make my life better. She specializes in blonde hair and the balayage(s) I’ve received from her are both gorgeous and long-lasting. I trust her entirely to listen to what I’m looking for and guide me in the right direction. So excited to finally get in to see her - she was my first phone call once businesses started opening back up after the virus!
Caitlyn Barker
00:22 19 Feb 20
I went to another salon and got possibly the worst haircut i’ve ever recieved. Jessica helped get my hair back looking good! Will definitely be back to see her!
Megan Goble
15:12 11 Feb 20
Very clean, with great staff and hair specialists. They have a good selection of products, and the stylists are wonderful!
Katlyn Hinton
13:01 15 Jan 20
I love Sandy B!! I have very thick wavy hair and she knows just what to do with it! Definitely recommend 😀
Shelly King
03:04 04 Dec 19
Elizabeth Wheeler
18:53 01 Dec 19
I got my first Deva cut from Sandy, and I couldn't be happier with the results. She was knowledgeable and personable, and I will definitely go back to her for my next haircut.
Matthew Allen
21:04 23 Nov 19
I previously wrote a bad review for Sam and Bill's. I was surprised to get a response from the owner so fast much less for him to contact me and ask if I wanted to come back in. Greg, the owner, took time out of his day while the store was closed to correct the error from my previous cut. He even gave me a full refund. Greg was pleasant, understanding, and professional. While the price is a bit high I recommend Sam and Bill's just on the level of care and professionalism I was shown while being a critic of the store.
Laurie Grubb
12:59 31 Oct 19
arpit maheshwari
19:03 18 Oct 19
Suzy Winx
12:41 08 Sep 19
Hair turned out gorgeous. Had been neglecting hair so turned it completely around. Plus welcomed so very nicely. The location is very pretty.
Lalima Sharda
13:49 30 Aug 19
Mackenzie Gibbon
14:27 14 Aug 19
Stacey Burns
16:58 11 Aug 19
Great salon and fantastic owners and staff! Highly recommend!!
Katie Brooke
13:20 14 Jun 19
Recently went to Sam & Bill's Hair Design for the first time, a really friendly atmosphere the whole time I was there. I was seen by Andrea who did highlights and a cut. I love the consult that helped her make the careful and right choices for my type of hair and personal likes. She was so personable and seemed very genuine and talented in her field. Very glad to have found this place and Andrea too! It was a bit higher than my budget allows for (as often as I likely will need color and a cut) but when my budget allows I will absolutely be at their doorstep!
Meredith Crisp
18:23 12 Jun 19
Carly did my hair... I came in and it had been MONTHS since I had gotten my hair done because I couldn’t find a good stylist. One of Carly’s clients recommended her and she is EVERYTHING. I was upstairs for a few hours, everyone helped where they could to get me the results I wanted. They have an amazing team atmosphere and made me feel like a QUEEN. Carly is my girl and I will be back to see her in the next 3 months for a touch up when my hair grows out and needs more color. The service I received was exceptional. She listened and gave me exactly what I wanted.. and at a VERY reasonable price! Love Love love Sam & Bills hair!
Kristen Purvis
21:45 26 May 19
It is always easy to book an appointment, either through their website or by calling. I've never had to wait more than a week, and most frequently, they can find me a spot within 3 days. I go to Andrea (followed her here from a previous salon) and she never disappoints. I have been trying to grow my hair to 'mermaid length' for a while now and she always magically trims just enough to get the dead/split ends off and to reshape my layers without it looking noticeably shorter! I recently recommended her to one of my best friends who is going for a drastic hairstyle change, and I am fully confident that my friend will not regret taking my advice and seeing Andrea. She is also very fun to talk to and is attentive to the specifics of your hair type.
Jinoh Park
19:47 06 May 19
I am a big fan of Greg's hair cut.
Sarah Tirey
16:26 04 May 19
Stephanie Ann is THE. BEST. I have very fine hair but a lot of it and I never have to worry whether it will look good when she’s done. Great experience and worth every penny.
Melody Kristensen
00:59 19 Apr 19
I had a Deva Cut done by Stephanie Bailey. I loved my experience from start to finish. It was my first Deva Cut but definitely not the last. I was a little nervous but Stephanie did exactly what I asked for and my hair looks so much healthier. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. The other staff were so friendly too. I felt so welcomed. I found my go-to salon in Raleigh.
18:44 16 Apr 19
Brent Taber
03:15 05 Feb 19
Mai Mclean
23:46 22 Jan 19
Marshall Rich
23:34 09 Jan 19
My fav place to get a haircut in Raleigh
Niki Gitinabard
20:32 17 Dec 18
I got my velvet balayage done here last week by Jessica. It looks wonderful. Although I have thick long dark hair and the process took a couple of hours, she was patient and nice all the time. I will definitely be going back.
Rachel Tucker
01:38 12 Dec 18
I went to Sam and Bill's for the first time last Friday and I was nervous to have a full balayage done by a new hair salon. My stylist was Jessica Owens and not only was she incredibly nice but she did an amazing job. I have never been more confident about my hair. I am excited to go back next time 🙂 Great company and friendly environment.
kristina schreiber
17:43 10 Dec 18
I had a Deva cut done here by Stephanie and I was really nervous because I have never had my hair professionally cut I have always trimmed my own hair but I was ready for a change so I took a chance... and I love my cut! Stephanie helped me feel very comfortable the whole time she was amazing! If your looking for a place to get a Deva cut I definitly recommend this place the staff was great and I love my hair!
Fred Eaker
01:31 21 Nov 18
Derek Tolbert
18:07 24 Sep 18
Top notch! Amazing staff! Highly recommend
Miranda Guthrie
15:24 17 Jul 18
I have never had my hair professionally done because I always thought that it wasn’t worth the money or time, that the hairstylest wouldn’t listen to what I wanted and just do what they wanted. Shilo and I have been friends for a while and I’ve seen proof that she knows what she is doing. It took me almost two years to get the nerve to ask her help me fix the years of heat damage and bad box dye attempts. I am SO happy I did. She was amazing and listened to everything I asked for. Gave me advice but didn’t make it seem like I had to do what she says. My hair is GORGEOUS and I have never loved it like I do right now. After seeing what Shilo did to my hair, I set up an appointment for my momma. Not only did Shilo make her feel comfortable but she made her feel beautiful. Her hair is healthier than ever and absolutely gorgeous too. My mom used to say she’d rather go to the dentist than get her hair done and I’m positive that Shilo changed her mind. We can’t say thank you enough for listening and teaching us instead of ignoring and doing what you think would look good. You tha Best sweet lady! I will recommend you to every one!!!
Caroline Behe
13:09 11 Jul 18
I loooove my hair cut by Stephanie. I have curly 2b/wavy hair and she really took the time to listen to me, check out my texture and cut it perfectly. Two weeks later and I'm still so thrilled with it and its manageability.
Paula H
15:49 09 Jul 18
I have curly hair so I did some research and found that Sam & Bill's is one of the few places in Raleigh that does a Deva Cut. I've had my hair cut their about 3 times, twice with Stephanie and once with Sandy B and each time my hair looks amazing.
Todd Willis
17:11 27 Jun 18
I was in need of a new style. Shilo did a great job working with me (and my hair) to get the look I wanted. When I went into work the next day, everyone commented on how much they liked the new style. My boys didn't know what to think either, having a dad that looks cool is different. Lol.
Matthew Birckhead
16:34 01 Jun 18
I’ve been going to Stephanie Anne for years and she takes great care of me every time! I love our haircut chats and would highly recommend her to anyone.
Wyatt Moore
17:34 14 May 18
Lucas Molander
07:16 18 Apr 18
Amazing haircut! I have difficult hair to cut, and my stylist did an amazing job.
Dodson Pest
12:25 15 Apr 18
Stephen Tristal
18:46 13 Apr 18
I have been getting my hair cut here for years, with Stephanie Anne. I always leave here happy with my haircut, and always have some laughs with friendly staff. Highly recommend.
Kari Williams
11:24 24 Mar 18
They were great with my kids!
Sydney Blankenship
17:23 15 Mar 18
carly is the best hair dresser. would definitely recommend her. very friendly and down to earth and easy to talk to:)))
Alex Boyer
02:41 05 Mar 18
Manasa Chitluri
12:59 12 Jan 18
Sandy and her little dog make the experience! I went in for a Deva Cut and was amazed at the difference it made. Sandy listened to what I had to say and made sure I was satisfied with my cut before I left the first time. The second time, she asked me what worked and what didn't for the last cut and made modifications accordingly. As an added bonus, her dog Oakley loves to cuddle and fits perfect on your lap as you go through the various stages of a haircut. I'd recommend her for your Deva Cut for sure!
Timothy Cohen
22:18 08 Jan 18
Quick and painless booking appointments. Super friendly and helpful receptionists.Amazing stylist, including my amazing artist, Whitney. She's precise and works together to make your hair everything you want..and more! So grateful I found this salon, highly recommend!
Michelle Pickett
06:55 20 Dec 17
Regan Burns
23:22 15 Dec 17
Didn't love the first hair cut I got but Sandy was so sweet and let me come back to make it exactly what I wanted! Love it!
Patrick T
23:44 27 Nov 17
Best in town.
Erik Bohorquez
20:59 17 Nov 17
Hannah Acuff Skillestad
18:13 10 Nov 17
I recently went to Jody for a major change to my hair. She did a phenomenal job. She did full color and a cut and I've never left a salon more pleased. She is very friendly and talks you through everything she is doing with your hair. The prices at Sam and Bill's are far more reasonable than any other salon I've been to in the area. I was thrilled with my entire experience. Jody is my new go-to girl!
Larisa Putnam
23:07 07 Nov 17
My hair is thick, unruly, and frizzy due to a lot of gray. Sandy, the extraordinary stylist, has created the most manageable cut & style I have EVER had...with a razor, no less! If Sandy can tame this head of hair, she can work wonders for you, too!
Matthew Shivar
20:02 23 Oct 17
Today I went in to get my hair cut with Stephanie Anne. In the past 10 years, I have only had 2 different people to cut my hair. I was slightly nervous about going to a new place and not knowing who was going to be cutting my hair. With that being said, Stephanie Anne was absolutely amazing. She was very personable and was very easy to talk to. I enjoyed getting to meet her and I look forward to working with her and Sam and Bill's more in the future.
Ruth Urbina
16:16 22 Oct 17
Great service! Love my hair cut!
Michael Cullen
17:54 18 Oct 17
Robert Scheller
19:48 13 Sep 17
Kari rocks.
kathryn lee
19:58 29 Aug 17
Sandy is amazing!! Have been coming to her for years and her new roommate, Jody is wonderful! If you used to see Jessica, Jody is your new girl. Also, Oakley is the cutest dog so he makes my time here even better!!
Krista Rhodes
08:18 24 Aug 17
Kari was awesome!! Highly recommend!
Arielle Stratton
00:13 21 Aug 17
Great stylists
Barbie Windom
17:24 17 Jul 17
Sandy is a master with thinning out my thick hair and giving me a great cut every time!
D. Alan Burnie
00:18 08 Jul 17
I have been going here for years. I have a fear of being murdered at the barber and I have not been murdered here. Very trustworthy.
Beate Rodehutskors
03:47 18 Jun 17
Great service, cute cuts
Jessica Strader
04:32 13 Jun 17
The environment is very nice, and the receptionist was very informative seeing as I was a first timer! Stephanie Anne does amazing work! She takes the time to make sure that your hair looks how you want it and is very good at what she does!!! Will definitely be coming here permanently!!
Margaret Martin
22:05 08 Jun 17
As a longtime client, I've never been disappointed with my haircuts. Sandy sure knows what she's doing, and the atmosphere is laid back and friendly.
Holland Messina
16:07 06 Jun 17
Stephanie Anne is the absolute best!! It took me years to find someone I could trust to cut my hair and I am so happy I found this place. I love the atmosphere there too. ❤❤
Alexandre Borrel
10:30 05 Jun 17
Amber Lane
11:35 17 May 17
I got my hair cut and colored by Kary, and I'm impressed. It's exactly how I wanted it, actually it looks better than I expected. Somehow it looks more voluminous, even after washing it at home.
Clay Thompson
11:25 05 May 17
Very friendly. A staple of the community. Whitney is fantastic--always accommodating and does a great job
jessica dalton
17:23 25 Apr 17
Mi is the best!!
Noah Johnson
00:44 19 Apr 17
Oliver Davies
21:08 07 Apr 17
I hadn't gotten more than a trim in over three years so I was obviously nervous to get a full hair cut from long hair to short hair (I'm a guy). Stephanie Anne listened to everything I was I thinking and we decided we should take off a little at a time until I was happy. I literally have never had a better hair stylist. She was patient, personable, and respectful of what I wanted and I am so happy with the results. I would recommend this place to any and everyone and I would especially recommend Stephanie Anne. Thank you!!!
09:54 04 Apr 17
Shilo gave a great men's haircut. She is extremely knowledgeable on the latest fashions and styles. Check this place out
Karen Miller
11:09 26 Mar 17
Andrea is great!!
Pamela Chestek
05:16 19 Jan 17
Vance Moore MBA
14:00 09 Jan 17
Fantastic Service, and great when booking appointment online for the professional on the go.
Chris Ragland
18:55 03 Jan 17
Love the people there. The environment is great, and the service is spectacular. Would definitely recommend.
Matthew Mitchum
00:39 20 Oct 16
Needed to get a haircut super soon without an appointment because I had a job interview coming up and I called other places in the area and they all blew me off and said they couldn't take any walk ins that day but I called Sam and Bill's and I was greeted by someone on the phone and told I could come in, in the next 20 minutes. I got a great haircut and shampoo for a decent price as well. She listened to exactly what I wanted and gave me some suggestions when asked. Also some great conversation.
Lyndsay Norris
13:26 18 Oct 16
Great salon, convenient location, good prices, and very professional stylists. Whitney is my stylist and has cut my hair both long and short, always doing a wonderful job and making me feel beautiful! She will take the time to understand what you want, get the perfect cut, show you how to style your hair, and explain various products. Although I don't get my hair colored, I have personally seen some of her work and it always looks amazing. She has been a stylist for somewhere around 10 years now and is very passionate about her work. I highly recommend her!
N. Bryan
21:26 01 Oct 16
Great staff that do great work!
Sam Villalobos
18:51 30 Sep 16
Lauren W.
22:37 27 Sep 16
WOW! From setting up an appointment to walking out with some great products that were used during my visit- the experience was awesome! I saw the great ratings and was in a quick time frame and they really came through for this first time customer. On top of that, my stylist Faith was AWESOME!! She made me feel comfortable and confident and I knew I would get exactly what I wanted and I did! I would HIGHLY recommend Faith and the rest of the staff at Sam and Bills to anyone! In fact I've recommended 2 people today. You won't be disappointed!! Thanks again!!
17:34 29 Aug 16
Could possibly be the friendliest business I've been to. Faith is a master of her craft. The whole team is so friendly and professional. Couldn't imagine going anywhere else. - Rob
Zoe Elizabeth
20:05 22 Aug 16
I absolutely fried my hair about two and a half years ago, and ruined the color. I called Sam and Bills, a salon I had never been before, because it was open on Monday and I was waaay to embarrassed to go into work with my hair looking the way is was. Sandy made time for my appointment and completely and perfectly corrected my color, with extremely little damage. (: she's a life saver for damaged or badly colored hair! Ever since then I've been going to her and only her for my trims and coloring, and every time I leave loving my hair. She never takes too much off the length, and the cut is perfect when she's done! My hair is now long and heathy, all thanks to sandy and the super high quality dye they use at Sam and Bills. I can't see myself ever going to another salon, and I recommend Sam and Bills to everyone.
Zach Simons
17:49 28 Jul 16
I've been seeing Greg over the past 3 months and he does an amazing job with mens cuts. The environment is welcoming, and he listens to your specifications.
betty newberry
20:43 01 Jun 16
Having my gray hair highlighted purple today...Sandy is so good...
Susan Lawhead
13:36 17 Apr 16
Whitney at Sam and Bill's came highly recommended, so when I moved to Raleigh and wanted a drastic change in my hair, I figured to give her a shot. I couldn't have been happier!! She took at least 10 minutes talking about different style options with me to make sure we were doing something that met my "maintenance" needs but would still fit my personality and the look I was going for. She took plenty of time to discuss the products she was using, and giving me style suggestions. The whole time was a fun experience. Best part, I absolutely LOVE my hair cut. She did a great job. Everyone at Sam and Bill's was good to work with and I can't wait to go back.
Carly Villa
22:06 01 Mar 16
Loved the experience! Great customer service and I learned so much about how to style my curly hair! Prices were reasonable, even for their products if you choose to buy them. They will definitely be seeing me again!
Pablo Collins
16:39 26 Feb 16
Liz Rhodes
15:09 18 Feb 16
Everyone and Sam and Bill's was friendly, and welcoming. Kari gave me the haircut that I have been hoping to get for months now. Wonderful experience!
Patrick Hawker
20:15 14 Feb 16
As a stylist, a hair color educator, and fellow salon owner, I must commend the staff at Sam & Bill's for being on the ball with education, technique and practical skill sets💆💇! They are certified in various cutting as well as coloring service, such as balayage, ombré, and baby lights. As service options continue to grow due to guests desired looks, this crew stays on their game❤️.
Lisabeth Birkemo
23:23 10 Feb 16
Kari was AMAZING! She fixed what I thought was unfixable and made it look even better than I had gone in expecting. Go to Kari if you have thick hair! Great price for the services provided and cannot wait to go back!
Alexandra Crawley
14:51 14 Dec 15
Kari cut my hair and she was really great about walking me through what would look best with that style. I trusted her with taking me from very long hair to a nice long bob and she did a phenomenal job!
Maedeh Heidarpourroushan
14:13 13 Dec 15
I have been looking for a good salon for over four years and I couldn't find one that I liked. I was so pleased with Stephanie Anne at Sam and Bill's Salon! She was so friendly (and didn't shun me for going so long between hair cuts) and made me feel right at home! I am so pleased with my hair cut and highlight. This is the first place I have found in Raleigh that I am willing to go back! But unfortunately I am moving to Boston.
Amanda Tolbert
13:21 08 Dec 15
I drive all the way from Wilmington NC to go to Sam & Bills. Sandy has been cutting and highlighting my hair for over 15 years. She does an amazing job! Everyone in the salon is so friendly and fun. It's such a great experience and I will never go anywhere else!
Chyna Lim
20:50 07 Dec 15
I am very picky when it comes to whoever touches my hair. I was nervous going to a different salon since I am out-of-state and only ever gone to one salon in my hometown for 5 years. Shilo is phenomenal! My first couple of "test" visits were for simple cuts which looked great; she made sure I was accommodated and payed attention to what I wanted her to do with my hair. I recently decided to get my hair colored and she did not disappoint! I am amazed every time I go.
Tamara Hope Joyner
15:37 01 Dec 15
This is the best salon in Raleigh, hands down. Everyone is SO friendly. And my cut was AH-MAZING. Y'all I am so picky when it comes to my hair and I have never been disappointed at Sam & Bill's.
Michelle Minnich
14:45 03 Aug 15
Kari is the best! She always takes the time to make sure my color and cut are perfect! Love her and her skills!
Shari Vincent
02:30 27 Jan 15
26-Jan-2015 I saw Sandy today for the first time to fix a bad cut gone wrong. I had gone from long to short hair and the other person at another Salon was not familiar with cutting hair with waves or curls. Sandy did a beautiful job correcting every thing which was amazing as I did not have much left to work with. I came home and got it wet and it was easy to work with and could be reproduced as pretty as she did it. Thanks so much for your art Sandy! It is nothing less than Art.....
Mark Vitek
14:51 14 Dec 14
I have been going to Sam and Bills for over 41 years and its the best in Raleigh.Personal attention, great camaraderie, and a great cut every time has been there style for many years. I recommend Greg and his team unconditionally. They are fantastic.
Clair Ashburn
15:05 07 Oct 14
I have gone to Sam and Bills for over 10 years. My mom, sister and I all saw Erin. She did an amazing job on our thick hair! Now that Erin isn't there - I see Whitney. Whitney has been amazing. She's very professional and easy to talk to. She gives me a great cut each time! I have very thick and wavy hair. She is not afraid! I will continue to see Whitney as long as I can. If you loved Erin, you will love Whitney! Also, Sam & Bill's as a salon is great. The owners Sandy and Greg are so kind and have your best interest in mind. You will feel right at home!
Amanda Jones
18:32 16 Jun 14
I love this salon! I've been coming to get my hair cut here for about 2 years now and have seen Shilo every time. The salon is always clean and they always have drinks and danishes available for anyone who wants one. I have even come for the earliest appointment available and was greeted upon arrival with a smile and immediately asked if I wanted some coffee, even though I arrived earlier than I needed to. Very nice people who are more than happy to make you feel special.I have very thick hair that likes to be unruly. Shilo is always able to tame it and even made it look fantastic in an short asymmetric bob. After she styled it, I wore it like that for over a year. She is very responsive too-now I am growing it out and she is great about not cutting off too much but also styling it so it looks healthy. I have never walked out with a bad haircut from her.I also like how even on the busiest days that I have gone in I have only had to wait about 10 min to get started. They are really good about planning out how long a haricut will take-mine take longer than average (SO MUCH HAIR) and rarely is the next client after me waiting longer than 5 min. I never feel like my haircut is rushed, though I know that if I need to get it done quickly, it wouldn't be a problem either. Shilo always reminds me that if I get home and I notice some issue to feel free to contact her and that she'd be happy to fix it. That has never been the case, but it is nice knowing that they care enough to offer that service. Great salon!
Sam Miller
19:29 22 Nov 13
I have been going to Sam and Bill's for almost 3 years now and would recommend it for both women and men looking to get a high quality haircut, styling or color. For men, they will offer neck trims in between cuts to help keep you from looking like little bear (just tip your stylist). I've seen Shilo and Whitney for haircuts, and also gotten trims from Stephanie and would highly recommend any of them! Location is very close to downtown & Nc State (less than 3 minutes). They offer great service and a clean and friendly environment!
Matt Ledbury
19:12 21 Nov 13
I've been going to Shilo for about a year and a half now and I can say that I won't need another hair dresser as long as she's here. Never had a bad haircut and she is very easy to talk to and talented. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great haircut! Great service with reasonable prices.
Leah Vaughan
02:29 20 Nov 13
I've been coming to Sam and Bill's to see Whitney for about two years. I can't imagine I will ever go anywhere else again. Whitney is the most thorough, talented and overall awesome stylist... ever. She is never in a rush, and she does a superb job time and time again. I have blond highlights, and they've never looked better. The front desk folks are always very nice, and wiling to work with me when I have scheduling problems. Love Sam & Bill's.
Kyle Holliday
19:39 13 Nov 13
Great, friendly salon/barber shop that has something for everyone. Great for guys, girls or children. Reasonable prices and great service. Only place for me in the Raleigh area!
Patricia Hedden
20:22 25 Oct 13
I only have been there one time and maybe it's a little too early for a review, but I'm just so excited. I have the worst luck with hair salons and I'm not looking for the cheapest...long story. I went to Sam and Bill's because I read they're doing the Deva Hair Cut. I don't have no curls, but waves and was hoping for a haircut that brings my waves out. I also hoped for a low style haircut, but still stylish, meaning wash and go. I got everything I hoped for and more. I had Jessica, she is not certified in the Deva Hair Cut (yet), but knew how to cut it. I guess I was lucky, since I didn't had to pay for this special haircut. She listen to me and cut my hair exactly how I wanted it. She also used DevaCurl products, which is wonderful to bring out waves/curls. I so love my new hair, very stylish and somehow she managed that my hair is full waves (and even a little curly) and very shiny and healthy looking. It was really damaged from dying. She also offered me to come back if my hair doesn't look right after I wash it. My last hairdresser gave me a razor cut and my hair was all uneven. Jessica told me it may take a few cuts to fix this, but after washing it several times, it still looks perfect without any styling. She did a really wonderful job.
Sarah Gardner
03:10 15 Oct 13
I love the homey feel at Sam and Bill's. Stephanie Ann is my stylist and she is so thorough. She is frequently asking throughout the cut if I like it so far or if she should do something different. She is really all about what the customer wants. She also has a great personality. Last time I was in the chair I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe and my face was beet red! Great experience. She is the only one that can give me a cut that I love. Normally I leave the hair salon upset and frustrated. But not at Sam and Bill's. Going back this week!
Elizabeth Neel
18:40 11 Oct 13
Got the best DevaCurl Cut from Whitney. Love it. She also colored my hair. Very knowledgeable about the products. I highly recommend this salon, especially for all you curly girls and guys.
Holly Chiswell
19:37 08 Oct 13
Kari is the best! I came in with damaged chlorinated hair and I came out with healthier hair but she was still able to keep the length I wanted! I highly recommend her to anyone in the Raleigh area!
Kristen Shank
18:32 08 Oct 13
I absolutely love Sam and Bill's. The staff is so welcoming and the stylists are great. Kari has been cutting my hair for the past year and she's fabulous! I highly recommend this salon to anyone in the Raleigh area.
Jay Hussey
04:25 17 Sep 13
Whitney was awesome! Highly recommended and was referred to Sam and Bill's from a friend who mentioned Whitney and Stephanie were both great stylists-
Justine Webb
22:55 19 Jun 13
I have been going to Sam and Bill's for over a year now and absolutely love it. Whitney does an amazing job every time and I am never disappointed. I have fine, color treated hair and she knows exactly what products to use and always gives me tips for styling my hair at home. I highly recommend her!
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