America’s favorite detangling hairbrush

Taming Tangled Hair Looking for help getting those kinks and tangles out? The Wet Brush is a detangling hairbrush that glides effortlessly through wet or dry hair. Made for detangling, the Wet Brush detangles while eliminating all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping. Your hair is in much healthier condition.  Perfect for all hair types, the…
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The Wonderful World of Balayage

Trends come and go, but it looks like the Balayage technique is here to stay! Over the past couple of years we have noticed a huge transition from solid colors and traditional highlighting to natural blends of Balayage, Ombre and Sombre. Ba-lay-age is a technique used to paint the highlight on the hair in a…
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How to get Long, Healthy hair

There are posts all over this great thing we call the internet telling you how to get long, luxurious hair over-night. So why is it that your hair still just wont grow? Unfortunately there is no magic in avocado and olive oil treatments, growing hair takes time to see results. If you really want your…
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Summer Hair Tips and Trends- Balayage Lob and Top Knot

The "in" trend for summer 2015 is the Balayaged Lob! The Lob haircut is a blunt and uniform cut with very little or no layers. Typically it falls somewhere between chin length and the collar bone. This versatile  cut is best styled either smooth and straight or slightly wavy. You can obtain waves either without…
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