Trends come and go, but it looks like the Balayage technique is here to stay! Over the past couple of years we have noticed a huge transition from solid colors and traditional highlighting to natural blends of Balayage, Ombre and Sombre.Balayage technique

Ba-lay-age is a technique used to paint the highlight on the hair in a sweeping motion. Balayage comes from the French word meaning “to sweep”. When applying the color we lightly sweep the product on the hair for a very blended and gradient look, like the sun naturally highlights the hair. It dramatically reduces harsh color lines like traditional highlights produce and leaves you with a casual lived-in look that is low maintenance.

Balayage technique-1Ombre and Sombre are terms used to describe the visual results of Balayaging the hair. Balayage is the technique used to create these looks by “sweeping” the product onto the hair where you want it to start. Ombre has more light at the ends of the hair, usually starting anywhere from mid-section and lower. The Mid-section is usually soft and subtle where the ends give a pop of brightness! Sombre is a word to describe a “soft Ombre.” The Balayage starts higher up but not at the root, leaving a shadow root effect. The best thing about both of these looks if done right is that you don’t know where the highlight starts, leaving a very subtle transition!

Balayage technique-2                       Balayage technique-3                  Balayage technique-4

Traditional Balayage                                  Ombre                                           Sombre

Everyone seems to be hung up on what technique to ask for, the beauty of Balayage is that your stylist can use their many years of experience and education to personalize the look that you want. Bringing multiple pictures to your appointment will help your stylist pinpoint your desired result. At Sam and Bill’s our priority is to utilize our skills to protect the integrity of your hair. This may require multiple sessions to get you to your goal, but you’ll be happy you trusted your stylist when you have beautiful color and healthy hair!

More examples of our stylist’s using Balayage in different ways to bring their clients vision to life:

Balayage technique-5 Balayage technique-6 Balayage technique-7 Balayage technique-8 Balayage technique-9

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