Taming Tangled Hair

Looking for help getting those kinks and tangles out? The Wet Brush is a detangling hairbrush that glides effortlessly through wet or dry hair. Made for detangling, the Wet Brush detangles while eliminating all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping. Your hair is in much healthier condition.  Perfect for all hair types, the Wet Brush will give you gorgeous, healthy, tangle-free locks in minutes.

DeTangling Hairbrush Technology

So, what makes the Wet Brush different than all other hair brushes? Jeff Rosenzweig , the father of three daughters and CEO of J & D Beauty Products noticed qualities from different brushes that worked well and combined them into one brush. The common denominators were flexible bristles, floating cushions and ball tipped bristles. Bringing these elements together makes the perfect Wet Brush. Professional Hairstylist and customers alike have reviewed our products and thanked us for creating a “life changing ” product.

DeTangling Tools

Think your tangles can “out-stubborn” any brush any day? Well, the Wet brush has many styles with the Wet Brush technology built into all. See products for a complete list of styles and color to suite your needs. there are over 150 different styles and colors. Keep your eyes out for the next innovative product from Wet Brush: The  Shine Brush, designed specifically to smooth and shine hair. Similar to the Wet Brush, The Shine Brush works great on wet hair, but was uniquely created to work exceptionally well on dry hair and with a blow dryer. Wet Brush will also be launching its first blow dryer called the Aspire hair dryer. This will be an important tool in your kit for managing unruly hair. The Wave Tooth is yet another great tool for everyone. The Detangling Comb easily combs through any hair type or texture. Perfect for combing through conditioner and treatments.


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