There are posts all over this great thing we call the internet telling you how to get long, luxurious hair over-night. So why is it that your hair still just wont grow? Unfortunately there is no magic in avocado and olive oil treatments, growing hair takes time to see results. If you really want your hair to grow long and be healthy here are some life-style changes to make!

Daily Vitamins to help your hair grow:

Vitamin A

  1. Contains antioxidants that work to condition and moisturize the sebum in the scalp.
  2. It will fight the free radicals such as pollution that weigh down your hair and make it weaker. As a result, your hair will feel lighter and have better body.

Vitamin B

  1. A reduction in hair loss so that there’s more hair on your head than left in your comb.
  2. Less gray hair as vitamin B slows down the graying process.
  3. Longer hair due to more rapid hair growth.

Vitamin E

  1. Your hair will be softer and nourished so that you’ll get less frizz.
  2. You will get fewer split ends so your hair will look healthier and be easier to style.

healthy hair


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